Foxy's Den
Foxy's Den


Foxy's Den
Foxy's Den


Foxys Den is located just outside Frome in the old Hapsford quarry. The venue was originally renovated 8 years ago and has since become the 'go to' place to celebrate any special occasion. During the pandemic Foxy's Den has been redecorated making it more inviting that ever.  Giving you exclusive use, Foxy's Den also offers full catering to compliment your event. 

Hapsford Hall is located next door to Foxy's Den and is a fantastic open space hired by the hour to give you full flexibility regardless if your event is a one off or a repeat booking. 

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24th September 2020

Christmas put on hold

We've taken the difficult decision to put our Christmas parties on hold until we're able to safely host our favourite time of year.

Please see our 'What's on' page for more details.

2nd September 2020

Covid-19 Certification

We have undertaken covid-19 certificated courses to ensure that we are covid ready in both Foxy's Den and Hapsford Hall. 

Certificates are available to view. 

2nd August 2020

Hapsford Hall Facelift

Over the last few weeks we've been working hard to give Hapsford Hall a new look. We've lighted up the walls and beams.

Have a look at the new look here